Thursday, November 05, 2009

This n' That

The pressure is already getting to me and it's only Day 5 of NaBloPoMo! Ahhhh!

Still we soldier on. I've just been challenged by S. to write another "deep" post. I really don't have deep in me. My deepness got all filled in today with irascible teenagers, swim class, and a high-maintenance baby-toddler who likes to destroy my kitchen while I'm in the middle of cooking dinner.

I guess I'll have to steal from S., who kindly called our Cryobank today to see what the deal with with our out-of-stock donor. From the sounds of it, he's probably going to stay that way, but we are going to reach out to their DSR and the DSR to see if anyone out there in the world has any unused vials. We're willing to wait a little while to see what happens. Then, if it doesn't, it doesn't and we move on to plan 42, or whatever version we're on at this point.

By the way, you have to pay for the freaking DSR now? $50? Seriously? That seems a little steep for something that might be completely useless. Oh well. Should we put our donor # up on our blog and see what happens? It doesn't feel quite right, but we know bloggers who have donor siblings who also have blogs, so I guess it's a remote possibility. Perhaps with the exception of known donors, I feel like most people keep that information pretty close. Or do they? Do you? How liberal are you with your donor information??

We're going away tomorrow night for my 30th birthday weekend (it was 2 months ago, but the weekend is happening around a concert that's going on in Northampton). We stay in the fancy hotel in town, see a show, and then Saturday I get a spa day. Ahhhh yes. Should be a lovely way to wind down the long week.

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Anonymous said...

RE: DSR- I think you can search it without joining, so you could see if anyone is on there with your donor before shelling out $50.

We joined at one time but all of our connecting has been through our sperm bank's DSR. So we let our membership lapse (it's a YEARLY fee!).

As far as putting your number out there, I say it can't hurt, but I am also of the camp who wants to cultivate relationships with the families we share a donor with. It's been really wonderful.

If I were pulling out all the stops to get a much wanted vials, I'd post the number. I know some people get touchy and don't want to know...but it's their choice to be reading blogs...

Good luck!